walterboro sc, lowcountry, web design, computer repairOur prices are geared for ordinary folks! Our reputation for attention to detail and fine artistic presentation has become well known, and we strive to help you and your business succeed on the net!

  • Commercial Multi-Page (up to 5 pages) with state of the art navigation, custom banners, background, music, and logo. We also include custom orderforms, animation, timeline-animation and other special effects where necessary. We personalize your site according to your needs, and register it with the major free search engines so it can be found. Price: $400.


  • Deluxe Multipage with all the features of the commercial multi-page site but with 6 to 10 pages. Price: $600


  • Premium Multipage with all the features of the commercial multi-page site but with 10+ pages Price: $600 plus $30 each additional page over 10.

  • Custom Blog Theme with full client access to edit content, add photos, pages, posts and more!   Price: $250 (Special price for hosting customers only.  Additional charges may be incurred for client instruction).

  • PayPal Shopping Cart Setup: sell your products online! $100 setup for up to 50 items, and $2 for each additional item over 50 (for our web design customers only at this special price).

  • Automatic Credit Card Processing Setup: by contract, and dependent upon processor and bank.

  • Graphic Design on an hourly basis. $35 per hour.

  • Computer Repair and Upgrades. $35 per hour (in shop).





Harbor Lights Invoicing and Payment Policies

Invoices will be sent by email only, unless prior arrangements have been made (additional charges may apply).  Invoices are payable upon receipt.

Recurring Charges: Cancellation of an account must be made 30 days prior to the billing period or full charges will accrue.  A lesser cancellation fee may be negotiated within the billing period not less than 50% of the full amount due. Charges may accrue for domain transfers at $35 an hour.  All previous invoices must be paid  in full before a domain transfer may proceed – no exceptions.

Non-Recurring Charges: Payment is expected immediately upon receipt for all non-recurring charges unless prior arrangements have been made. Non-recurring charges include web design, computer repair, labor for networking or website updates. Failure to pay promptly can result in services being discontinued and/or equipment confiscation until paid. (additional charges may apply).  Invoices not paid within 30 days will result in equipment confiscation and/or service discontinuation upon our discretion.

Other Policies: Harbor Lights reserves the right to refuse any client request for any reason we see fit.  This especially applies to hosting with another host other than our own, time constraints, migration to another host, etc.